Monday, February 10, 2014

Best Prepaid Smartphone Plans of 2014

best prepaid smartphone plans
Having a Smartphone now a days, it's becoming more than a luxury a need, but an expensive need, most of Americans are paying more than $100 for each month. Of course there are ways to avoid this expenses by simply not buying a Smartphone but that's something we can't just do knowing all of the conveniences and functions they provide to our daily life, that's why we need to search for the cheapest way to maintain it, and for that cell phone service provider companies presents Smartphone no-contractplans.

Best Prepaid Smartphone Service Providers

Here are the six bestprepaid smartphone plans 2014 you can find:

Net10 : Best Profitable prepaid smartphone plans

best prepaid smartphone plans
Net10 has a wide variety of plans which include: monthly plans, family plans and minute plans.
There are plans that start with $20 for 200 minutes, which is 10 cents by minute, this one for 30 days. Now the 300 minutes start with $30 which is 10 cents by each minute, and for $45 you can get 600 minutes which is, 7.5 cents by minute for 60 days, and last but not least we have 900 minutes for $60 which is 6.6 cents by minute and includes 90 days of service.

Plans by the month start at $15 that includes 200 minutes. Now if you chose the $50 you will get unlimited voice calls, text messaging, and 2.5 GB of data plan, there is also the same plan for $65 that includes unlimited international long distance voice calls. But if you're looking for a whole family plan it starts with $90 and has unlimited voice calls and text messaging and 2.5 GB of data plan.

Net10 also has a great variety of low cost devices. For example we have the model Huawei W1 which is a rare prepaid, low priced Windows phone, which runs Windows Phone 8 and it costs $199.99.

Page Plus Cellular : The Best Cheap prepaid smartphoneplans

best prepaid smartphone plans
Page Plus Cellular runs on Verizon network and offers plans that many other prepaid service providers don't.
The Page plus cellular standard plans begin with 100 minutes for just $10 and works for 120 days, and you will have to replenish your account each 120 days if not these minutes will roll over. The pretty amazing plan is a 2,000 minutes for just $80 works for a whole year. Which mean $6,66 per month.

It also exist a better plan for people who are using their phone bit much start at $12 per month that includes 250 text messages and 250 talking minutes, there is also unlimited talk and text for $39,95 with 500 MB of data plan, you can get more data up to 5 GB for $69,95

Republic Wireless : the Top Pre-paid smartphone plans

best prepaid smartphone plans
Republic wireless runs on Sprint's network offers some of the best smartphones with one of the cheapest plans. The carrier secret keeping costs down for you and hopes you will do most of your calling, texting and data over Wi-Fi. It offer unlimited talk, text a $10 per month, adding data plan start at $25 for 5 GB of 3G sprint or $40 for 5 GB of sprint LTE, the plans include free Wi-Fi unlimited calling over anywhere in the world.

Republic wireless put the offers with two phones, and one of them is an a crazy offer: The Moto X is one of the greatest smartphone available on the market for $299, Just Note that Republic closed their phones with the carrier, so it can't be transformed to other carriers.

Ting : The greatest prepaid cell Phone Plans

best prepaid smartphone plans
Ting also using Sprint's network, Ting offers great plans as well with different methods, with Ting you can custom-mix MB of data, texts and minutes in six different buckets each, if you are not much of a talker you can choose a plan of only texting and data.

The best plans from Tings come with not a lot of talking minutes and no unlimited talk or text. For $33 you get 100 minutes, 4,000 text messages and 500 MB of data plan. With good selection of phones presenting the most affordable is Kyocera Hydro Edge for $188, expensive? The phones are by Sprint. You may also bring in a limited selection of out of contract sprint models over to Ting.

Ultra Mobile : The affordable prepaid Mobile phone Plans

best prepaid smartphone plans
Using T-Mobile Network + HSPA, heavy international callers as we always know about T-Mobile but this time with Ultra Mobile, our favorite plan. Offers with $29 unlimited talk, text and data 100 MB, with international calling, with crazy down rates such two cents a minute to Dominican Republic and more other countries, using up 1,250 minutes, pretty amazing right?

The higher two plans by Ultra Mobile are: $49 plan with 1GB of data and $20 per month international credit calls, second: $59 plan with 4 GB of data and only $5 international credit calls.

Ultra Mobile with no selection of phones, it only sells SIMs cards, so you will have to find an unlocked phones compatible with T-mobile, check the best unlocked phones offered by T-Mobile.

Zact : Best New Preapid smartphone Deals

best prepaid smartphone plans
Zact runs also a Sprint's LTE Network, remixes some of Ting's personalized plans with Kajeet's parental control, it very good and useful for family plans, you can use your customized plans with multiple devices and control your kid's phone by time a day or week, for just $17 per month you get 500 talk minutes, 50 MB of data, 25 text messages with only one device, which is a good plan you can get from competitors. The best phone plan by Zact carrier is LG Viper 4G LTE for $199.