Monday, February 10, 2014

Best Prepaid Smartphone Plans of 2014

best prepaid smartphone plans
Having a Smartphone now a days, it's becoming more than a luxury a need, but an expensive need, most of Americans are paying more than $100 for each month. Of course there are ways to avoid this expenses by simply not buying a Smartphone but that's something we can't just do knowing all of the conveniences and functions they provide to our daily life, that's why we need to search for the cheapest way to maintain it, and for that cell phone service provider companies presents Smartphone no-contractplans.

Best Prepaid Smartphone Service Providers

Here are the six bestprepaid smartphone plans 2014 you can find:

Net10 : Best Profitable prepaid smartphone plans

best prepaid smartphone plans
Net10 has a wide variety of plans which include: monthly plans, family plans and minute plans.
There are plans that start with $20 for 200 minutes, which is 10 cents by minute, this one for 30 days. Now the 300 minutes start with $30 which is 10 cents by each minute, and for $45 you can get 600 minutes which is, 7.5 cents by minute for 60 days, and last but not least we have 900 minutes for $60 which is 6.6 cents by minute and includes 90 days of service.

Plans by the month start at $15 that includes 200 minutes. Now if you chose the $50 you will get unlimited voice calls, text messaging, and 2.5 GB of data plan, there is also the same plan for $65 that includes unlimited international long distance voice calls. But if you're looking for a whole family plan it starts with $90 and has unlimited voice calls and text messaging and 2.5 GB of data plan.

Net10 also has a great variety of low cost devices. For example we have the model Huawei W1 which is a rare prepaid, low priced Windows phone, which runs Windows Phone 8 and it costs $199.99.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Best No Contract Phone Plans ( Prepaid Plans ) You Can Found Online

Best No Contract Phone Plans

The cell phone plans that have no contract are better known as prepaid phones, are getting more attractive than ever. Knowing T-Mobile has taken the main company of the carrier and have become 100% available with best no contract phone plans, even more people is choosing this kind of plan because they have no commitment to acquire any phone and plan they want.

The main companies are having low cost prices. we know that AT&T owns Aio Wireless, Sprint owns Boost and Virgin Mobile and T-Mobile own MetroPCS and GoSmart. Now withVerizon you will only have available prepaid plans. Any plan and device you are looking for it should be available in this main brands of the mobile phone services.

Of course there are some more companies that its probable that you may never heard of them such as MVNOs, or also Mobile Virtual Network Operators. What these companies do is that they buy and remix the minutes and megabytes from the main service providers and make them a plan of their own. These unknown companies might have more flexible plans and prices than the big companies mentioned before.

We present below more options for you to check out: 

The Best No-Contract phone plans

ChitChat Mobile  : Unlimited Mobile Plans No Contract

Best No Contract Phone Plans
A lot of low-profile MVNOs resell the Sprint service with the great difference of low prices. For now ChitChat Mobile seems to be the most affordable minor company of the others, for example with a $9.99 plan that includes 250 minutes for voice calls, text messaging and no data plan, there is also the unlimited voice calls and text messaging plan for $19.99. The options for data plan begin with $3 for 50 MB, and can go up to $35 for the unlimited Sprint LTE. 
This carrier company sells some old Sprint mobile phones that include $199.99 HTC Evo Design 4G, but the best deal you can obtain a no contract Sprint mobile phone on eBay and activate it. ChitChat carrier will activate the Sprint mobile phones with more features and the Android devices. With ChitChat you obtain what you pay for.

Consumer Cellular  :  Best National Phone Plans No contract

Best No Contract Phone Plans
The Consumer Cellular is based on the senior market place, with wide rural coverage with AT&T and a variety of easy-to-use cell phones.
The company that has a monthly plan with the lowest cost its strictly for the customer that wants the comfort and functions that the cell phones provide but don’t exactly want a plan to make voice calls. The low rate of $10 monthly do not have any minutes at all, and every minute used will cost 25 cents.

The other plans Consumer Cellular include monthly plans that come with minutes at lowest rates. The following least expensive plan is the $15 each month that has 200 minutes for voice calls, and cost 7.5 cents by minute. The plans go until $60 for each month with $5000 minutes.
The text messages are available in different separate plans, which begin with $2.50 for each month and include 100 text messages, and the one that includes $30 monthly and has 15,000 messages. Every plan includes internet with 100 MB with the $2.50 plan, the 2 Gb goes with the $30 plan.

This company also sells Doro´s simple cell phones, which they are a Swedish company with good looking, and unique handsets toward technophobes. We have checked and totally recommend the PhoneEasy 618 which costs $60.

Freedom Pop  : High Speed With Best No contract Phone Plans

Best No Contract Phone Plans
Freedom Pop is the company that offers you a true free monthly payment, you can get 200 minutes in voice calls, 500 text messages, and a data plan of 500 MB on the Sprint´s 3G, WiMAX, and the LTE networks.
If you can’t get enough then it also offers 500 minutes in voice calls, unlimited text messages and 500 MB in data plan just for $7.99 monthly; there’s also the other plan of unlimited voice calls and text messages along with 500 MB in data plan only for $10.99 monthly.

there are of course some buts, in the text messaging there are not pictures on it for now, in the voice calls goes through the voice-over-IP system of FreedomPop instead of the standard Sprint voice network.
On FreedomPop there’s only one official available cell phone which is the HTC Evo of 4G and it costs $99. But if you are looking for a more modern model the company will make any Sprint Android cell phone that is with no contract. And  there’s always the option of buying one on eBay.

Giv Mobile  :  The Best No contract Cell Phone Plans Provider

Best No Contract Phone Plans
Giv is one of the companies that make donations to charity from you cell phone payment the other company is called Credo. But Giv tends to be more charitable and  more flexible by contributing 8% of your monthly payment that you can choose of a great range of charities.

Giv its included on the T-Mobile network company, which includes two plans, both consist of unlimited voice calls and text messages for $40 per month and it gives you 250 MB of data plan, and with $50 per month you can get 2GB. The data plan it’s from T-Mobiles HSPA 42, and not with the LTE network.

With this company you have available any T-Mobile phone that’s a compatible phone, also including the iPhone, and Giv has some lower-cost options. There’s available the LG Optimus One, for example, the retails available for $89.99 and it’s a very good choice for a Smartphone. 

H20 Wireless : Pay As You Go & Unlimited Monthly No Contract Mobile Plans

Best No Contract Phone Plans
H2O Wireless works with AT&T national GSM network, and it has monthly plans, day and minute. The minute plans in voice calls cost $10, $20, $30, and $100, they include 5 cent voice call minutes and texts, also for 10 cents for every MB spent of data plan.

The Day plans cost $10 available for 5 days, there’s $20 available for 10 days, and they include unlimited voice calls and text messages. 

The plans by month begin with $30 including unlimited voice calls and text messages, also 50 MB of data plan. plus you also can get $5 for free that can be used for international calls worldwide. The plan of $40 comes along with 500 MB of data plan, $50 includes 1GB and unlimited international calls and texts, and the 3GB that cost $60.

There’s also available the Motorola Bravo cell phone that comes with a free SIM card and $50 of airtime in voice calls available for $199.

Kajeet : Best No contract Smartphone Plans For Kids

Best No Contract Phone Plans
Kajeet runs with Sprint. Every available plan comes along with Kajeets suite of online parental control. This special feature allows parents to keep an eye on their children, who they talk to and text message to, the times the phone is used, how much they spent and which features they have access to or not.
Kajeet also lets the parent control which web sites your children can visit or not.

Now the plans begin with $4.99 monthly, which includes 10 minutes of voice calls time, and also texts for 10 cents and messages that include picture available for 25 cents. The plan which costs $19.99 includes unlimited text messages and picture messages as well, plus 150 voice call minutes. 

The $24.99 monthly plan includes 500 voice call minutes, data plan of 500 MB, and a GPS. $50 monthly will get you unlimited text messages, picture messages, voice call minutes, data plan of 2GB, and a GPS.
The phones of Kajeets can be a bit expensive, but there’s always the best no contract phone plans by Sprint option phone or Android cell phone, it can be 3G, WiMAX or LTE.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Verizon Prepaid Phones And Verizon Wireless Prepaid Plans - What's The Difference?

Verizon Prepaid Phones And Verizon Wireless Prepaid Plans

Verizon Prepaid Phones And Verizon Wireless Prepaid Plans

Verizon Wireless provides prepaid mobile plans to anyone who wants to stay away from signing  contract and cancellation expenses. Compatible cell phones with Verizon Wireless prepaid deal is the exact cell phones that you can buy through a contract. The difference is the details of the plan itself and the selection of the available phones.   


Regardless of the deal, every associated phone with Verizon Wireless uses the network SG CDMA of Verizon to make calls and to send text messages. The use of data is performed mainly through the network 4G, and 3G of Verizon Wireless when it’s available.

Prepaid Data

Prepaid plans work by debiting to an account you are able to add money at any moment. The plan does not have a connected contract or cancellation charges. Once you pick a plan, the account is going to be debited each month by the same specific service originated. A wide variety of offers are available, providing different quantities of monthly minutes, texting and data use.

Mobile Phones

Verizon Wireless is compatible with a limited collection of cell phones which are qualified to be used with a prepaid plan. Mobile types including Smartphones, Blackberries and new phones. They are different in price and characteristics and they are offered with a reduction when the prepaid service is started. This reduction is lower than the one given when you sign a new contract. You have to pay for an additional rate for a data plan when you are using a Smartphone, or featured devices.  

Prepaid Limitations

When you do not have enough funds in your account if you start a new billing cycle, you are allowed to use the services of voice messaging and text, but you are charged by minute and by message, respectively. Every available data plan is going to be suspended at this moment. The funds that were not used in your Verizon Wireless's account expire with time. The set time to use these funds varies based on the initial quantity that has been released. Daily prepaid plans are also available, which allows you to pay only for the times that you used your Verizon phone. Daily prepaid plans work the same way that other deals work.